Steve Glochowsky: hate boycot

5 Aug


The double standard and hypocrisy. (steve doesn’t know what those words mean)


Today we see an intelligent new member speaking out and leaving.

Yes leaving because she feels the group is biased.

No kidding?

Steve hates everyone including all women black white or other.

He only tolerates the black females in hopes he can sort through the list and find himself a 90 pound 23 year old black single mom.

He runs and promotes a hate group for white blond women and he posts hate topics daily.

He has an archive cloud storage of hundred of hate based graphics to choose from.

He attacks all races and hates them all equally.

So what the ex members says is true and we have been covering it for years.

The only ones who do not know it are ignoring it or trolls who do not care.

Hardly an example of interracial harmony now is he?

An angry hating troll who is fat, old and alone is more like it.

Steve Glochowsky: import/ export

3 Aug

Hmm hey steve a few details may have been overlooked on this scam you have brewing.

I didn’t see anything about deadbeat dads or tax evaders but it seems sketchy.

You should read through it carefully so you know the details.


Mr know-it-all claims he knows about those items already.

We all know he’s lied so many times now that there is no chance he will or can follow through.

Steve Glochowsky: monkey business

2 Aug

Odd how today we see the nikita profile spewing more rat speak.

The rat says “stay out of my business, why is it your business, not any of your business” etc when he’s asked questions.

Mainly he’s lying and has no response is why.

Having followed his patterns for many years we can tell he is the one posting this.

The nikita profile may be entirely fake as well.

Don’t forget to log out steve you cunt.

Suddenly she is well versed in american slang as well.

Goony goo goo bush bunny.

Steve Glochowsky: clowned again and again

1 Aug

It’s hilarious how often he’s attacked by his own members.

Here today bragging his great total members.

Called out as fake and a fraud he says nothing lmao.

He’s continuously called out by members on his piss poor group quality and the scammers running amuck.

Before he barked “check members list first” now says “take a screen shot”.

Granted anyone from a 5 year old could run a silly FB group.

Steve of course has trouble with it.

He can’t control what he puts in his mouth or what comes out of it let alone any online groups he claims to manage.

Recent hacks included a massive amount of fake and duplicate profiles.

What the lady said it true 6 out of 10 were duplicate or fake or abandon.

Odd the numbers scam fraud game is the same game steve is trying to play but failing.

The ashley madison hack was classic and the boasted millions of members but the hack proved it was 90% men. The other 10% were fake female profiles who never bought a membership. Scam and scam.

Nikita “bush nigger” Glochowswky: banned wayne ker

31 Jul

Oops a classic again today.

As reported many times before he has used hundreds of fake profiles.

Also manipulating other peoples profiles.

I have witnessed him making profiles for people to “help them” join his group.

They had no interest in it.

Today this was reported.

I guess he forgot to log out of the nikita profile before posting?

Ya I would guess or is she suppose to parrot his same commands word for word?