suspected fraud: steve glochowsky

16 Feb

Follow this:

He’s got no money for lunch left on his EBT card so he’s recycling old lunch photos.


Attention whoring posts to attract trolls.

Our operatives have mentioned this several times.

He even used the same photo of his ebt pizza with a bite taken out lmao.

Senior moments again steve?

No wifey updates?

Better log in and create more fake postings from wifey dearest.

Several operatives brought this point up so in fact some of these pics are old and not current.

Hmm no ebt lunch specials to graze on steve?

No more group lunches on the bosses tab?


14 or 30?: steve glochowsky

16 Feb

In past steve claimed 30 happy couples became married in his groups.

Now he says 14.

Hmm sounds like he can’t keep his story straight.

You know what they say about people who do that right?

Compulsive liars.

Aside from the local moo cow he can’t even name names or document it with photos.


You would think he would have a folder or archive to prove all his claims right?


He may grab one or two random pics that he himself had nothing to do with creating.

He’s never even been invited to one (1) wedding but boasts 30/ 14 or whatever number.

No marriage licenses have ever been shown either so it’s all trumped up bullshit.

Show me the money?

Oh you don’t have any I forgot.

Who is “we”?

You’re ignored day in day out by your own wifey and the rest.

So again I ask who is “we”?

There is no we but only you I, Me and My dick.

The one lady sights “several couples” yes dear chat buddies do not count.

If they are meeting it’s no result of steve.