vday ignored: steve glochowsky

14 Feb

Yapping again about his imaginary wifey.

Sick delusional retard.

Again being ignored which is why he spoof posted as her yesterday barking out his FULL name.

Who does that?

Steve does.

When in relationships why do we need to have first and last names addressed in a post?

It’s yes dear, first name or honey etc pet name not my loving husband Joe Smith.

Steve the rocket scientist is so smart he tells on himself.

One Reply to “vday ignored: steve glochowsky”

  1. 8 hours and even with a time difference there is no response.
    Follow us with the pattern now.
    He will we predict log in to her profile and post a reply “my loving husband steve glochowsky” or some bs.
    What a clown and can’t even get a greeting from one online pal let alone someone in day to day life.
    Kill yourself loser!

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